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Sulphur are you responsible for the hangovers?

Do Sulfites Cause Headaches and Hangovers?

Sulfites are probably the source of wine's biggest myth. They're naturally occurring, and most winemakers also add supplemental sulfites to wine to help protect it against spoilage and oxidation. Sulfites are also frequently blamed for headaches and hangovers. But, according to science, this is not a fair accusation.

Allegedly only 1 percent of the population is sensitive to sulfites. And even if you are among the small set of people who do have reactions to sulfites, these substances are not to blame for your hangovers. Instead, they might cause an allergic reaction.

Though there is no one answer as to what, scientifically, causes hangovers, we do know that the severity of a hangover can be directly correlated to how much alcohol was consumed and how rapidly. Dehydration also plays a big role, as does the amount of congeners (micro-compounds found in alcohol) that a person has consumed through their beverages.

So the question still is relevant, what do you think? Do sulfites cause hangovers? Or is this a theory still needing to be explored? 


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